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Advertising Networks

What Is An Advertising Network?

It's a group of websites where one advertiser controls all or a portion of the ads for all the sites. Example: this blog owned by blogger.com, the ads featured here are managed by google ads network and by our company called Mah Network. You can register or join any advertising network as long as your website meets their criteria, you could register it as an advertiser to feature your website on others peoples websites with in that network or make money by publishing other peoples ads on your website.

Here are great ad networks that we tested:

Our Top 10:
www.adwords.com & www.adsense.com - Googles ad network
www.bidvertiser.com - Great to promote eBay listings or shops
www.media.net - All the biggest news outlets in one platform
www.buysellads.com - Sell or buy ad space on blogs
www.popads.net - Leader in popups and popunder
www.udimi.com - Solo ads buy ad space in popular email lists
www.conversantmedia.com - Interaction ad network
www.outbrain.com - The #1 native advertising platform
www.exponential.com - Ad intelligence and digital media solutions
www.hilltopads.com - All rounded easy to use ad network

Our Top 5 Adult Advertising Networks:
www.trafficjunky.com - Advertise on the world's top adult sites
www.exoclicks.com - 4th largest ad network worldwide
www.shafttraffic.com - Official ad network of cam4
www.juicyads.com - Contains a lot of targeting and feature options
www.plugrush.com - Self-Serve platform created for to drive results

Content Lock & File Sharing:
www.dollarupload.com - Highest paying download and content locker
www.keep2share.cc - Great earnings on file downloads

Worth Checking Out:
www.taboola.com - Intelligent native advertising ads at the right place right time
www.adsupply.com - High impact ads to get results
www.clickadu.com - Great mainstream and adult easy to use platform
www.mgid.com - Native advertising only
www.xapads.com - 360 Digital Marketing platform
www.truex.com - Ad network that focuses on engagement
www.rhythmone.com - Leader in TV digital advertising solutions
www.admarketplace.com - Great for active search campaigns
www.adcash.com - Top European ad network 
www.centro.net - Solutions built to drive performance for your business
www.adf.ly - Interstitial ad & pop up network
www.infolinks.com - Ads by keywords in text
www.propelmedia.com - Get unique audience through real-time intent-based technology
www.linkbucks.com - adf.ly alternative
www.adistry.com - Similar to buysellads.com
www.ad-maven.com - High performance and vast distribution for their ad budgets
www.adport.io - 100% Push notification ad network
www.advertise.com - One of the oldest ad networks
www.appitate.com - Great conversions for apps
www.cpmstar.com - Largest performance ad network in the games space
www.gourmetads.com - Reach Grocery Buyers & Household Cooks
www.leadbolt.com - High Performance Mobile Advertising
www.adrecover.com - AdRecover makes reaching adblock users easy
www.media-strike.com - Ad network focusing in the sports niche
www.mobipium.com - The Mobile Performance Network
www.gameserverads.com - In game advertising platform
www.solvemedia.com - Captcha engaging advertising
www.sovrn.com - Independent and powerful ad network
www.speakol.com - Ads In feeds
www.trellian.com - Direct search network

Social Media advertising:
Facebook + Instagram - facebook.com/business
Twitter - ads.twitter.com
Pinterest - ads.pinterest.com
LinkedIn - business.linkedin.com
Snapchat - forbusiness.snapchat.com
TikTok - ads.tiktok.com
Yelp - biz.yelp.com/support/advertising

Online Marketing Terms You Should Know:
Advertising Network, Affiliate Network, CPA, CPC, EPC, CPM, Backlinks, CTR and much more