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Offline Marketing

Offline marketing is very important because you want to create brand awareness. You also want to crush your competition. If your presence is only online then your competitors have a wider reach then becoming more successful than you... You should invest in online marketing and offline marketing both time and money well spent and you will see great results.

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Here are 50 Offline marketing Ideas that work:
  1. Business Cards
  2. Classified Ads
  3. Direct Mail
  4. Branding
  5. Post Cards
  6. Radio/TV/Infomercials
  7. Flyers
  8. Trade Shows
  9. Networking
  10. Billboards
  11. Door Hangers
  12.  Circulars
  13.  Card Decks
  14. Value Packs
  15. Promo Items
  16. Ad Magazines
  17. Catalogs
  18. Seminars
  19. Free Samples
  20. Graphic T-shirts
  21. Car Advertising
  22. Coupons
  23. Contests
  24. Thank You Letters
  25. Door To Door Marketing
  26. Telemarketing
  27. Fundraisers
  28. Volunteering
  29. Sponsoring
  30. Brochures
  31. Article Writing (newspaper)
  32. Press Release (TV/Radio News)
  33. Special Event Promotion
  34. Endorsements
  35. Sell Your Idea
  36. Team Up With A Company That Can Help You And You Help Them
  37. Joint Venture Sales Force
  38. Local Ads
  39. Offer One Time Deals
  40. Offer Free Consulting
  41. Local Mall Display Booth Or Ads
  42. Use A Mascot/Cartoon
  43. Mailing List Building
  44. Restaurant/Bar/Theaters/Public Place Ad Display
  45. Hire A Promoter
  46. Attend Sports And Concert Events Rent a Booth
  47. Advertise In Odd places
  48. City Legal Ad Spaces
  49. Be Different, Think Outside The Box
  50. Friends And Relatives Word Of Mouth

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