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From No Sales To A Constant Stream Of Daily Sales On Etsy In 30 Days

Whether it’s to make a few extra bucks on the side, or to create a full-time income from the ground up, many people have been turning to Etsy for years as a way to bring in some money by selling their hand-made goods and showcasing their talents.

Adpopz specializes in providing quality, targeted, niche traffic for Etsy sellers and many other platforms, we were curious to find out what is the outcome so we contacted them and did a case study, here is what we learned from it:

A Rough Start
In 2017 one of their clients lost her job. She was working at a clothing factory that shut down whenever they decided to move all of their operations over to China in order to save money. She had extensive skills and experience and, as a result, decided to try her hand at creating an Etsy shop.

Back in 2017 and 2018, Etsy was running some aggressive marketing campaigns that caught her eye. She figured because all of her products were very high end, made by hand, and used the top fabric available that her Etsy shop was going to turn into an overnight success.

This is actually a very common assumption among new Etsy shop owners. You may have an amazing line of products made from the best materials all available at competitive pricing, but that doesn’t guarantee sales. Running an Etsy shop is just like running a real business, and without a proper marketing strategy you will not be getting any sales.

Sadly she saw the truth in this. Despite trying numerous methods of promoting her shop, she had only seen 26 sales over the course of about two years.

What did she do wrong?
Sometimes it can be even more challenging if you’re in a competitive niche or market. Even if one promotional method works and brings a sale or two, is it viable to keep that promotion up?

Etsy shop owners may try out paid traffic from industry giant Google’s Adwords program. This leaves them paying every single time someone visits their Etsy shop or any of their Etsy listings. If you’re paying $1 per visitor, and it takes 30 visitors to buy something, can you afford to keep spending $30 in advertising to bring in one sale?

Adpopz client was in a very competitive niche, clothing. Not only is it highly competitive for those at the top, but it is also insanely saturated even on the lower levels of Etsy. If you do not have a viable game plan and sustainable promotional methods, then your shop will end up like many others before you. By that we mean a shop that has little or no sales before you finally just give up and call it quits.

This is how the young woman felt. She had struggled for two years to make a little more than two dozen sales. And at what cost? Was there even much profit from such a paltry amount of sales? She was on the verge of shutting down. Desperate, she started searching for something, anything, that would help get her amazing clothing products recognized. She knew her products were amazingly well made and of the best quality. She just needed to get people to her Etsy listings and she knew the sales would roll in.

During her desperate searches she came across MahNetwork who offer multiple digital marketing services and operate an Ad network called Adpopz which is exclusively offered on Fiverr and her life would never be the same.

The Game Plan
Upon reaching out to MahNetwork and filling them in on how rough the last two years were for her and her Etsy shop, they then implemented a plan that is still bringing in daily sales for her to this day.

How did MahNetwork drastically increase her Etsy sales?
●    Microniche Creation
The clothing niche is overly saturated, especially on Etsy. They helped her zone in on a specific microniche of clothing that would keep her out of such a broad market.
●    Optimized Etsy Listings
Unique keywords, descriptions, titles, and pictures will help Etsy rank your listings better.
●    Digital Product Creation
By creating a digital product for her to give to her clients, she was now starting to stand out from the competition and started to generate high interest leads.
●    Custom Traffic-Generating Plan
They created a marketing plan that consisted of organic traffic (creating contests and giveaways on social media was a big help) and a mix of ad campaigns from their network AdPopz.

The Results After The Plan
After having the discipline to stick with the custom marketing plan created by MahNetwork, she was now seeing 40+ sales per week. In fact, one reason she’s not getting more sales than that each week is because she’s having trouble keeping up with inventory demands. It also depended on her ad spend budget for certain weeks some weeks she was spending a little more depending how fast she could create your garment to meet the demand.

Here are some reviews we found on their profile

These guys are real deal!

So many Etsy shop owners out there create absolutely stunning products that could do so well if they just had the traffic available. Sadly, many of these talented merchants and artists think that their skills and quality is enough to bring in overnight success. That simply is not the case.

I don’t want to sound like a broken record by repeating this yet again, but everyone reading this needs to understand that running an Etsy shop is like running a real business: without a good marketing plan and sustainable traffic your Etsy shop will fail, it doesn’t matter how good your items are.

If you’ve got an Etsy shop that could use a boost, check out AdPopz Traffic service here.
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