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How to market your Etsy shop effectively in 2020

The world has jumped into a fully digital lifestyle now that the current crisis has changed the way we conduct business. This means that more people are now online and that translates to more potential buyers for your products, but it also means more competitors will be appearing.

We are going to give you some essential tips on how you can market your Etsy shop effectively in 2020 in order to boost engagement and sales.

Organic versus paid traffic
Before we go into the best tips, it’s important to understand the difference between paid traffic and organic traffic. The difference is quite relevant for your business future and for your ability to create longevity. If you want the briefest explanation organic is free, and paid is like renting a spot on someones property like a domain or app in order to get traffic and gain exposure.

Organic traffic
With organic traffic, you are getting people to visit your store from search results. For example, let’s say you are selling abstract paintings and someone is looking for abstracts paintings on Etsy.

They could type on a search engine something like “affordable abstract paintings” and the search results will display a number of pages. If our link is displayed amongst those results on the first page at the top, it’s very likely that it will be noticed. If they click on your link, this means the visitor is an organic visitor from search engine. Organic traffic come from direct landing, referrals, social, media share and keywords searching.

Paid traffic
The use of paid traffic at Etsy means that you will be investing in gaining a favourable position when people search for what you are selling. The paid traffic approach helps with better positioning, but you are going to need to spend money to be featured and the ROI may not be optimal or you could even end up with no engagement.

Paid traffic is not limited to Etsy advertisement only, you could look for better and cheaper options such as Adpopz and Bidvertiser.

3 pro tips to help you market your Etsy shop:

Don't promote your Etsy store link
This may sound strange, but the reason why we say this is that you are not going to achieve much in terms of organic growth by trying to flood your Etsy shop link with traffic. You could get sales this way, but you are looking at a complete coin toss.

The way to go is to send that traffic to a specific listing and this is going to help your product gain popularity and it will be likely to rank higher on the lists above your competitors. Several factors are involved in this process, but this is essential to get some organic engagement.

Mix your strategies
You know the saying of not putting all of your eggs on one basket. The same thing applies to marketing with any strategy you are using to promote your store. Don’t just try one method even if it works. You never know if another method is going to be better, faster, and even more affordable.

The name of the game is to experiment, to test, test, and then test some more. Also, remember that not all strategies and sources will work optimally for all niches and target audiences.

Optimize & scale campaigns and listings based on results
The process of optimizing and scaling campaign base on data is essential for success. You need to be able to track, measure and analyze your efforts in order to fine-tune your campaigns. If you are not doing this, you might as well be playing pin the tail on the donkey. Having no accurate data to work with is like being blindfolded while catching a baseball and hoping for the best.

If you want to drive quality traffic to Etsy an excellent source for traffic is Adpopz. A great part about Adpopz is that even without conversions, their ad campaigns can help your listing climb the search engine rankings for long-term engagement which is exactly what you need in order to get highly targeted buyers.

Being a seller on the Etsy platform continues to be one of the most powerful ways for people to reach their potential customers. The massive increase in digital shoppers is making this more relevant than ever before, but keep in mind that an increase in buyers will always increase sellers, so you need to be ready with an aggressive and effective marketing strategy to remain competitive.

Now it is all up to you,