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Top Influencer Marketing Platforms For Creators And Brands

These are some of the best Influencer marketing platforms I have divided them between best for creators and best for brands however this does not mean you if you a creator you can sign up for the one in the brand section this just means better experience or results for each but every platform is different you have to go with what ever best matches your as a brand or as a creator.

Best for Brands Or Agencies
Upfluence - www.upfluence.com
Creatoriq - www.creatoriq.com
Neoreach - www.neoreach.com
Scrunch - www.scrunch.com
Lefty - www.lefty.io
Juliusworks - www.juliusworks.com
Traackr - www.traackr.com
Buzzoole - www.buzzoole.com
Hireinfluence - www.hireinfluence.com
Sideqik - www.sideqik.com
Influencer - www.influencer.com
Collabary - www.collabary.com
Mavrck - www.mavrck.co
taggermedia - www.taggermedia.com
Klear - www.klear.com
Hypr - www.hyprbrands.com
Socialbakers - www.socialbakers.com

Best For Creators
AspireIq - www.aspireiq.com
Postforrent - www.postforrent.com
ifluenz - www.ifluenz.com
Webfluential - www.webfluential.com
Tapinfluence - www.tapinfluence.com
Famebit - www.famebit.com
Indahash - www.indahash.com
Octoly - www.octoly.com
Socialix - www.socialix.com
Izea - www.izea.com
Shoppinglinks - www.shoppinglinks.com
Openinfluence - www.openinfluence.com
Inzpire - www.inzpire.me
Socialbook - www.socialbook.io
Popularchips - www.popularchips.com

Obviously there are way more platforms out there but these are the ones that work and that are legit if they are not on the list here it means they were not tested and we do not recommend them. Keep in mind that there are many different options as you can see, so choose which ever platform best fits your needs, matches your niche and most important matches your budget.