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Top Forums By Niche

Forums is a great place to interact with your audience and even target new people. Forums is where people share advice, thoughts, content and look for answers for some issues they might have. So this is where you can help someone find out about the product or service you are offering. Example if you have a great supplement for bone or muscle pain you can browse some of the top health forums looking for people who suffer from bone or muscle pain so you can share your story and recommend your product. However due to the rise social media we see less forums but there are some great ones that are still active and that traffic converts very well!

Here are some of the top forums by niche:

Top 5 in Health:
www.ehealthforum.com -
Forum about any health issues
www.Bodybuilding.com -
Highly rated for anything regarding fitness
www.healthboards.com -
General questions and health issue board
www.womens-health.com -
Forum about women's health
www.mentalhealthforum.net -
Forum about mental health

Top 5 in Money:
www.namepros.com -
Domain & business forum
www.digitalpoint.com -
Business & marketing forum
www.warriorforum.com -
Online marketing community
www.thefastlaneforum.com -
Entrepreneur forum
www.bogleheads.org/forum -
Finance forum

Top 5 in Self-improvement:
- Personal development community
www.selfgrowth.com -
Self improvement resource site & forum
- Laws of attraction forum
- Self improvement forum
- Self aware & self improvement forum

Top 5 in Relationship:
- Love & relationship advice forum
- Forum & chat site about love
- Interpersonal and relationship forum
- Dating & love advice
- All topics about attractions

Top 5 Adult (18+):
www.gfy.com -
Forum for adult webmasters (nsfw)
www.jdforum.net -
Popular adult content forum (nsfw)
www.gamblingforums.com -
Forum about everything gambling
- Adult niche content forum (nsfw)
- Q&A Forum site

Others Worth Checking:
www.Reddit.com -
General & popular topics (a must)
www.Quora.com -
Q&A forum
www.tripadvisor.com -
Travelling forum & rating site
www.hardforum.com -
Tech & internet community
www.Imgur.com -
Photo sharing forum
www.StackOverflow.com -
Developer forum
www.androidforums.com -
Everything about android
www.ign.com/boards/ -
Forum about anything and everything
www.gaiaonline.com -
Worlds biggest online forum & community
www.blackhatworld.com -
Largest black hat & Seo forum

Now that you have a list of the top forum community websites its up to you to create your profile and be present online answer questions, give advice and share your opinion about certain topics related to your niche. Something that works well is by sharing your story. DO NOT SPAM, don't go around forums posting your link all over the place you will get banned and it is not good for your business.

Hope this helps,
Enjoy, Cheers