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12 Effective Ways To Make Money As An Influencer

Everyone wants to earn money as an influencer the issue is that they do not know how to start or how to do it. This is why I created this list for you see the different methods of  how to monetize your social media content and see which ever best works for you. Here are 12 effective ways to make money as an influencer for 2020:

Affiliate Marketing
Join an affiliate network and promote offers on your social media profiles you can earn big bucks with affiliate marketing this on commission based only. This method is best use for people who have a big following base due to be based on commission only unless you have a highly targeted offer that matches your audience.

Partner With Brand 
Partnership is a little more complicated this entitles in having the right face and niche for a certain brand usually brands pick influencers that matches their brand perfectly, you can also sign up to an Agency and they will manage your contracts for you.

Post Sponsoring
This consists on creating a certain post for a certain campaign that a company is offering. The company will pay everything for that post plus your time. Brands usually use this method for brand awareness.

Sell Digital Products/Services
A great way to monetize is to create your own digital product or service and sell it directly to your followers. This can be a guide, videos, photos, services, mentorship, educational products or infoproducts. This is a easy and cheap way to earn from your fan base.

Rent Ad space
This can be the most lucrative method of earning as an influencer you can rent any space on your profile just be creative. It can be a post for 2 hours or 1 day link in bio and so on.

Brand Ambassador
A brand ambassador is an influencer or celebrity that is picked by the brand to represent their products or services this is probably the best way to earn as an influencer as it is based on long term relationship with the brand company similar to brand partnership.

Sell Physical Products
You can create your own product and sell it directly to your followers or you can team up with an established brand to co-create a product this can be a apparel, shoes, electronics, accessories, cosmetics, health products and so on.

Hosting (Events, Podcast, Webinars)
You can host an event, create webinars and even hosting your own podcast to create content and eventually charge a small fee either for your podcast download, ticket sales to a certain event or a webinar you created.

Join A Marketing Platform
There are many different Influencing marketing platforms that connect influencers with brands this can be a great way for you to get your influencer career started. However the platforms do take a commission from your earnings to have a list of influencers marketing plarforms click here.

Tips or Gifts
A lot of instagram influencers ask for tips or gifts to support their talent it can be you asking for a new laptop for school or simply a gofund me page. This is great way to earn when you have a cause and works best with story telling.

You have an idea for a project but need capital therefore you can create content for you to find investors and offer them a piece of your business. This is not recommended for new influencers.

Others (Shoutouts, Posts, Tags) 
This just like renting ad space is the easiest and fastest way to earn with your social media content. You can give shotouts, repost some content from a different page or tag someone on your content. You can do this daily, hourly or weekly example you have 10 000 followers and you go to a local restaurant you take a picture of your meal tag them and mention them you can get a free meal and even get paid depending on your content and engagement rate.

These are the most effective ways of earning money as an influencer I highly recommend any new influencer to join an influencer marketing platform to start however some companies do have a minimum of requirements such as having at least 5 000 followers with a 3% engagement rate this is something you would have to check and monitor carefully.

Hope you enjoyed this post,