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5 Big Challanges For Marketers In 2018 & How To Overcome Them

We sent out a survey to 1000 marketers to understand how they feel about the upcoming year what will be their challenges and how will they over come them. Here are the top 5 challenges that marketers will deal with in 2018.


95% of marketers answer that time is something that they struggle to most when creating good content or a great campaign for their clients. Disorganization and poor communication can cost you  a lot of time. Timing is of great essence to online marketers. Knowing the right time to make important decisions is a very big challenged faced by marketers as the online marketing world evolve. Marketers also complain about not having enough time to use all the tools and to carry out the drawn marketing strategies fully.

To manage time, establishment of a timeline of your marketing activities on a day to day, weekly and monthly basis is of great essence. This makes the strategies easy to execute and gives you ample time to utilize the marketing tools optimally. You can use different tools to help you manage your tasks, you can outsource some of your work.

Content and its management will continue being one of the ugliest challenges for marketers, in 2018. Marketers are faced with a question of, “What is the best content format for a marketing campaign?”

Content marketing if managed well can give you more than 50% conversion rate. Knowing your target audience and investigating the best content to get more conversion is essential. 

Credibility in marketing is another major challenge faced by marketers. With many marketers and many options being available to customers, marketers compete to be the most credible.

Encourage your clients to give reviews and testimonies based on their experience. Efforts should also be made to increase your rating in business and online directories. Also, there’s great need to be consistent with your content and build a quality customer relationship.

Are you reading this and feeling like the content is speaking to you directly? You’re not alone; other marketers feel the same too. Traffic generation is every marketer’s goal which turns into a nightmare when not achieved. This nightmarish feeling occurs because traffic is the bedrock of conversion.

Do you have a good and interconnected social media presence? If no, get one as soon as you’re done with reading this post. Social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. have made traffic generation a little easier than it used to be.

Create great contents with compelling headlines. If it were easy for you to resist this post, you wouldn’t be at this particular line reading this. Great articles retain your customers. You can also start guest blogging on other blogs, forums etc. in the same niche as yours and invite others to guest blog on your blog. Guest blogging increases your site linking and helps you rank on search engines, thus more traffic. Pay attention to on-page SEO, optimize your website or blog for search engines but be cautious to maintain its readability.

For the social world, engagement is between two lovers, but for marketing, it’s a brand (marketer) and a customer. If the right strategies are not used getting a customer to engage with your marketing tools can be frustrating and hectic. Most marketers become frustrated when their blog’s bounce rate is reaching for the moon.

Use call to actions to engage your prospective customers, use relevant anchor texts to capture their attention to wish to know more about your product or service.


These among other challenges if managed well will give your business the boost you need. Hurdles are expected and are part of the marketing world, how you overcome them is what makes you able to survive in this year.

Aim to be among the best marketers in 2018.
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