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10 Content Ideas To Create On Social Media To Drive Traffic

Social media is a big part of our lives people spend over 4 hours a day on it. No wonder everyone wants to promote on social media but truth is traditional marketing is not as effective as it used to be with the growth of ad blocking apps we now have power over what we want to see. Not to mention that over the years we have been over exposed to ads so our brain now knows to ignore the flashing banner or that annoying infomercial video. So what works now? Creating content is what works here are 5 types of social media content that you can create to drive engagement.


Interactive Content
Create content where the user gives you their opinion or feedback. This is where the customer interacts with the brand/business. People interact well to surveys and quizzes. Add this method to your social media pages.

Educational Content
The second type that you should create is educational content such as infographics or guides. People are visual so infographics work great when you want to demonstrate something. Guides also work great example if you sell guitars create a free guide on: "5 things you should know before buying a guitar".

Graphic Content
This one is the most popular and we see it everywhere and it works well because people are visual and they can sometimes relate to it. Create memes or motivational quote pictures and post it around you will see your page likes and shares increase.

Live Streaming Content
From time to time do a live streaming interact directly with your users with a live Q&A or create a live interview with a fan or someone known with in your niche. This is a great method to gain trust from your audience.

Video Content
Videos is probably the visual content to which has the best response rate. Look around your facebook feed and you will see that every other second post it is a video and notice the shares and likes on it. So create entertaining videos it can be funny videos, short skits, vlogs or how to videos the goal here is to create videos without selling anything.

The 5 types of social media content are: Interactive, Educational, Graphic, Live Streaming and Video with these 5 types just be creative and use the 10 ideas mentioned in this blog. Use this to your advantage and you will see your traffic increase in no time.


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