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10 Things Americans Waste Money On

Christmas is around the the corner, so we decided to create this list to help you identify where Americans waste their money. Below is a list of niches that Americans waste their money on. This is not a list of how they spend their money but how the waste, in other words put their money to no good use.

10. Entertainment
People invest so much in their entertainment systems to later on buy another such has buying the new iPhone, why do you need the new iPhone if you already have a working phone? Waste of money.

9. Apparel & Accessories
Do you have a closet full of stuff that you don't wear? Well here is another category where Americans waste their money. Some people have 50 pairs of shoes why? when you only have 2 feet? What a waste of money.

8. Tobacco
Not only this is bad for your health but it takes a big hit in your bank account at the end of the year. Why waste this money nothing positive comes out of this.

7. Alcohol
Again same thing as tobacco, Americans waste money on this luxury every week for what? What do you have to celebrate every week? Put that money aside and do something positive with it before its too late.

6. Hobbies
Many Americans have different hobbies such as fishing, hunting, gaming and so on most of their money is dedicated to their hobbies because it is what they like to do to pass their time. Truth is what is the real value that you get from wasting your money on your hobbies? None because you will get fed up and find another hobby soon or change equipment shortly.

5. Lodging
People travel a lot and love to get the best of the best, but why pay extra for a room in a luxurious hotel when you can rent a room or a house on airbnb for a quarter of the price. Hotels take advantage of this, you over pay for a room in a hotel. Stop wasting your money.

4. Fees
Banking fees, late fees, interest fees, admission fees and so on Americans don't love these but they are still paying for it. Why? Stop wasting your money, avoid credit cards, get a bank account with no fees and don't be late on your payments! This is probably the category where Americans spend the most money and see no return on it.

3. Gambling
Ah gambling Americans spend a lot of money on lottery tickets and on sports betting, this is a action to fulfill and empty emotion and being exited of the unknown. Bringing your hopes high when you buy your ticket but to later on realize it was a waste of money.

2. Gifts
Coming in second place Americans waste their money in gifts with so many holidays and events people are always giving gifts truth is most of recipients won't use your gift and it will be a waste of your money!

1. Food
Americans throw out 33% of produce they buy to consume, why buy in bulk if you going to throw out 1/3 of it? Stop wasting money on food. Buy only what you need and do your groceries daily. Not monthly food expires!


Hope this lists helps you develop your next product or marketing strategy. Contact us if you have a request for our next post.

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