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10 Content Ideas To Create On Social Media To Drive Traffic

Social media is a big part of our lives people spend over 4 hours a day on it. No wonder everyone wants to promote on social media but truth is traditional marketing is not as effective as it used to be with the growth of ad blocking apps we now have power over what we want to see. Not to mention that over the years we have been over exposed to ads so our brain now knows to ignore the flashing banner or that annoying infomercial video. So what works now? Creating content is what works here are 5 types of social media content that you can create to drive engagement.


Interactive Content
Create content where the user gives you their opinion or feedback. This is where the customer interacts with the brand/business. People interact well to surveys and quizzes. Add this method to your social media pages.

Educational Content
The second type that you should create is educational content such as infographics or guides. People are visual so infographics work great when you want to demonstrate something. Guides also work great example if you sell guitars create a free guide on: "5 things you should know before buying a guitar".

Graphic Content
This one is the most popular and we see it everywhere and it works well because people are visual and they can sometimes relate to it. Create memes or motivational quote pictures and post it around you will see your page likes and shares increase.

Live Streaming Content
From time to time do a live streaming interact directly with your users with a live Q&A or create a live interview with a fan or someone known with in your niche. This is a great method to gain trust from your audience.

Video Content
Videos is probably the visual content to which has the best response rate. Look around your facebook feed and you will see that every other second post it is a video and notice the shares and likes on it. So create entertaining videos it can be funny videos, short skits, vlogs or how to videos the goal here is to create videos without selling anything.

The 5 types of social media content are: Interactive, Educational, Graphic, Live Streaming and Video with these 5 types just be creative and use the 10 ideas mentioned in this blog. Use this to your advantage and you will see your traffic increase in no time.


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10 Things Americans Waste Money On

Christmas is around the the corner, so we decided to create this list to help you identify where Americans waste their money. Below is a list of niches that Americans waste their money on. This is not a list of how they spend their money but how the waste, in other words put their money to no good use.

10. Entertainment
People invest so much in their entertainment systems to later on buy another such has buying the new iPhone, why do you need the new iPhone if you already have a working phone? Waste of money.

9. Apparel & Accessories
Do you have a closet full of stuff that you don't wear? Well here is another category where Americans waste their money. Some people have 50 pairs of shoes why? when you only have 2 feet? What a waste of money.

8. Tobacco
Not only this is bad for your health but it takes a big hit in your bank account at the end of the year. Why waste this money nothing positive comes out of this.

7. Alcohol
Again same thing as tobacco, Americans waste money on this luxury every week for what? What do you have to celebrate every week? Put that money aside and do something positive with it before its too late.

6. Hobbies
Many Americans have different hobbies such as fishing, hunting, gaming and so on most of their money is dedicated to their hobbies because it is what they like to do to pass their time. Truth is what is the real value that you get from wasting your money on your hobbies? None because you will get fed up and find another hobby soon or change equipment shortly.

5. Lodging
People travel a lot and love to get the best of the best, but why pay extra for a room in a luxurious hotel when you can rent a room or a house on airbnb for a quarter of the price. Hotels take advantage of this, you over pay for a room in a hotel. Stop wasting your money.

4. Fees
Banking fees, late fees, interest fees, admission fees and so on Americans don't love these but they are still paying for it. Why? Stop wasting your money, avoid credit cards, get a bank account with no fees and don't be late on your payments! This is probably the category where Americans spend the most money and see no return on it.

3. Gambling
Ah gambling Americans spend a lot of money on lottery tickets and on sports betting, this is a action to fulfill and empty emotion and being exited of the unknown. Bringing your hopes high when you buy your ticket but to later on realize it was a waste of money.

2. Gifts
Coming in second place Americans waste their money in gifts with so many holidays and events people are always giving gifts truth is most of recipients won't use your gift and it will be a waste of your money!

1. Food
Americans throw out 33% of produce they buy to consume, why buy in bulk if you going to throw out 1/3 of it? Stop wasting money on food. Buy only what you need and do your groceries daily. Not monthly food expires!


Hope this lists helps you develop your next product or marketing strategy. Contact us if you have a request for our next post.

Until next time,
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Top 10 Most Powerful Words In Advertising

Are you in the process of writing your new ad campaign but don't know what words to use? Or simply want to get the most attention possible on your ads. Well you came to the right spot there are 10 words that you should include in your ads to gain the maximum of your customers attention. In this list we did not include the words free, save, best and easy for the simple reason that customers tend to pay less attention to it because we see them everywhere but if you use them correctly in a good campaign they can also be powerful, so here is the top 10 most powerful words in advertising. 


10. Now & Instant
We live in a era where time matters most and instant gratification is important to people such as fast shipping, act now, call now and immediate download of multimedia such as games, movies or music.

9. New
People are always looking for the best new thing, everyone wants to put their hands on the brand new smartphone, new car, new shoes and everyone is willing to pay for it.

8. Love & Sex 
The power of love has 2 meanings here either someone can fall in love with a piece of fashion but no one will fall in love with a bath towel (you can like the way it feels or how soft it is but you won't love it) as oppose to the fashion piece that you will put on special occasions and take really good care of it. You have to be careful how you use the word. Related to love is sex, obviously sex always sells in any form. There is a reason why all big name magazines always use these 2 words on the front page, because it sells!

7. Discover 
This word brings a sense of excitement and adventure, you can used it to bring back a childhood memory or to introduce something new to the market that is worth someones time to try it.

6. Safe 
Everyone wants to feel safe, and if someone is spending money on your product they want to make sure that not only the product/service is safe but also that their investment is safe. Be careful when using this word example don't use in consumable products such as "This salad is 100% safe to eat" what? why wouldn't it be? A good example would be a product designed for safety such as baby products "This car seat is 100% safe and received the highest rating for safety". See the difference?

5. Heath
This word is powerful because everyone wants to be healthy and when someone sees the word they automatically stop and get more information about it. Now the word can be used in different products such as "Are your finances in good health?" see right there I made you think. But again don't abuse of this word and it does not work for everything you can't turn something negative to positive. Example "Try these healthy donuts!" there is no such thing as healthy donuts!

4. Guarantee 
Using this word is a way to remove any doubt, simply check how many times you say this word in a day, its just like a promise that you give to someone. In advertising a guarantee is what the company gives to the customer by putting their reputation on the line. Just think about it would you rather buy something with some sort of guarantee or without any guarantee? But only use this if you back up your guarantee or have credibility for it.

3. Results
The word result means that you have achieved something successfully. It is used as a promise that helps you rationalize the purchase. We all want results from anything we buy, I mean that is why we bought the product/service in the first place. Because you had a problem and the product/service purchased will give you the solution to your problem which is the result.

2. Proven 
This word is mostly used when introducing a new product/service to the market since the customer is dealing with the unknown this word proves that the customer will get the results that they are searching for. Do not use this word if you can't back it up, example "Here is the proven formula of making money online" when you have no proof of earnings. Provide proof and you will win big with this one.

1. You
This is the most powerful word ever simply because it is personal. When we start to talk about you this is when we get your attention. Using you is like we are talking to you personally you tend to pay more attention to the ad. So you is definitely something that YOU should always consider using in advertising.

Those are the top 10 most powerful words in advertising hopefully it helps you write your next ad or even your next sales letter. Always keep in mind to check the positive and negative variations of the word in the phrase because some words can do both so be careful. If you are not sure then you can hire a freelance writer click here I offer you $5 off on your next purchase.

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Top 5 Niches People Spend The Most Money On

Starting a new project but can't decide where to start? Well the first step is to choose the appropriate niche for your new venture. To help you with that we have narrowed it down to the top 5 niches in which people actually spend the most money on, the following list is not in order of amount spent but in order of how big it is in terms of categories of product subniches...

The rise of all these dating websites is proof that people actually spend money on trying to find love. But it doesn't only stop at dating websites, people actually spend money on self-improvement books, programs related to dating. People also spend money on flowers, jewelry, candy, relationship advice & therapy. These are just a few subniches related to love where people spend money on, the desire to love and to be loved will always be a demand and people are happy to spend money on it.

Yes, money! People actually spend money to make money, have you ever heard of the saying it takes money to make money? Well people actually spend their money on gambling, lottery and online casinos. But it doesn't just stop at gambling, educational programs such as webinars, ebooks, books and videos on how to make money. The emotion targeted here is to have freedom and be debt free, this is what motivates a person to spend money to make money.

This is a major niche where people spend probably the most money on, due to the fear of death or illness. With numerous profitable subniches such as mental health, weight loss, addiction, natural remedies, self-help and so on... I could go on and on this is probably one of the biggest niche on where people spend the most money.

Beauty has its own category for the simple reason that fashion is part of beauty and people love to dress to impress. From plastic surgery to fragrances beauty has a wide variety of niche. Just with the women audience you have about 100 different categories of niche products that you can develop.

The last niche people spend the most money on is entertainment. It could be going to a movie on the weekend to buying your favorite track on itunes on the way to work. Entertainment is part of our daily lifestyle with long bus or car rides we need to find a way to be entertained. Look at the movie industry how big it is, because people actually spend money on entertainment. People want to dose off of their daily lifestyle so they turn into movies or music.


Hopefully this helps you choose what niche you should start your next project on. Keep in mind that these are the 5 top categories so look within those categories and find a subniche then create your business around that.
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10 Tips To Help Your Business Gain More Exposure Online

Having a business is great, but how can you be in business if no one knows you exist? The goal of having a business is to make money by having customers purchasing your goods or services. In order to do that you must have an audience that is willing to purchase what you offer. Here you will find 10 ways to increase traffic to your business and gain online exposure.

People love graphics so there is no better way to explain something by demonstrating it in an a form of info-graphic. You can create an info-graphic yourself or you can hire someone on fiverr to do it. Integrate this strategy to your social media marketing. It will get shares and drive traffic on auto-pilot.

Ad Campaigns
Start to incorporate ad campaigns to your marketing strategy, use facebook ads and other social media ad platforms to gain traffic. Create PPC campaigns to get clicks on your content, why ad campaigns? More and more people are finding resourceful information trough ad campaigns therefore if you are not getting a click your competitors are.

Press Release
This medium has been forgotten over the years, yet it is still a very powerful way to get expose your business online. Contact media outlets and ask how much they charge for a press release. You can get a legit press release written for cheap on fiverr and they can even publish it for you. Use this strategy accordingly to your needs to notify users of new products or services and so on.

Discounts To Old Customers
Your best customers are returned customers, if someone purchased something from you it means that they are interested in what you are offering. So make them come back and make them feel special by offering unique discounts trough email newsletter or direct mail.

Have a few promotions each year, buy one get one, buy one get one 50%off, back to school 10% off, free item when... This is important to attract new clients. We suggest to have at least 10 different promotions each year that last no long than 2 weeks each. Share your promotions on your newsletter and with your social media fans.

Offline Marketing
We live in an online driven society where everyone needs to be connected so this strategy has been disappearing slowly resulting in a decrease in offline marketing prices such as printing material. Truth is that this marketing strategy still works very well. Use flyers, brochures, direct mail, t-shirts, banners to promote your business and drive people to your website. For a full list of offline marketing methods click here.

Reward Program
Rewarding users in online or store cash to spend on your business is a great way to grow your business. Offer your users the chance to earn money when they refer a friend or offer some kind of reward program to your customers like points that they can exchange for future purchases.

Powerful SEO Strategy
Having a great ongoing monthly basis search engine optimization strategy is a must for every business. Because everyone uses google and search engines to find what ever they are looking for, it is the first thing they do when searching for anything. If you are not on the first page and on the top chances are your competitors are. So its important to have a great ongoing SEO strategy.

Social Media Presence
Be active and share content with your followers and fans, engage with them be present on multiple platforms. Create quizes, contests and promotions to keep your users engaged on your fan pages you can hire someone to manage your social media or you can do it yourself there are different softwares to help you.

Content Marketing
This is one of the most important ways to communicate with your audience and draw direct traffic to your business. Create effective content about your business that connects with your audience. Offer your audience something free that is valuable to them.

These 10 ways are sure to help your business grow and gain maxium exposure online. I hope you apply these strategies to your marketing plan in order to grow and target a new audience.

Much success,
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10 Places You Must List Your Business Online

You start a business recently or simply want to grow by expanding online but you don't know where to start or what to do.

Sure you can contact a marketing agency that will charge you for their time plus the fee of the service in hand plus extra commissions why? when you can do it yourself?

Here is a list of platforms to list your business online so you get more exposure to gain a wider audience.

Bing is the default search engine for different Microsoft product such as tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, phones and desktops. Being listed on Bing will drive online and physical traffic to your business.

Yahoo offers a great marketing service to list your business on multiple platforms for a small monthly fee, with yahoo local listings marketing solution you are sure to be listed online.

Easy and free to use, superpages includes numerous different options that other online directories dont have. Part of a big network people will find you faster online with their unique approach by having a highly interactive portal.

Google Places
The boss of all bosses obviously you have to be listed on google, why? simply because they dominate the industry. They are the first thing that anyone thinks about when they are looking for answers or simply anything. Google is your everyone best friend and it should be part of your online marketing plan. If you are not listed on google chances are your competitors are. So get listed on google asap.

Yelp is one of the best consumer review website to expand your business online. It allows you to send public and private messages to consumers in which you can send deals after you received a review from them. Yelp is most used by millennial's and most reviewed in the shopping, restaurant and home services.

Merchant Circle
MC is a free network where small businesses can find customers and connect with them. Users can advertise to boost their listing and many other different tools are available. The more active you are on the network the more exposure you will gain, join now and stay active.

Yellow Pages
One of the first listing directory created this power company generates millions of daily searches. They offer great marketing services for any business who wants to reach customers online and offline. Advertising and lead generation is their expertise not to mention their state of the art ad data performance platform where you can track your campaigns progress.

White Pages
White pages is a great place to list your business, they also offer sponsored ads and premium sms marketing services for their clients.

Foursquare is a platform where people can find new places to visit and discover by combining business directories and social media. If you are a brand new local business sign up to Foursquare and you will see what it can do for you.

Yext helps you put your business online by targeting the right audience directly to your fanpage or website. They will help you grow your online and offline presence. Yext is trusted by the best companies globally for one reason, they get results. Check them out.

Best Of The Web
Yellow Book 

If you are not listed in any of these websites I recommend you start today, the more online presence you have the more online and offline traffic you would have. Without traffic there wont be any sales, so beat your competitors by getting listed in the places mentioned in this article!
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Powerful Words And Phrases That Convert On Social Media

Writing a sales script or a video script can be challenging at times not knowing where to start or how to keep your audience engaged.

Here is a list of words to include in your script or sales letter these words are optimized for social media platforms.

The 5 most persuasive words in the English language
  •     You
  •     Free
  •     Because
  •     Instantly
  •     New

The 20 most influential words
  •     Suddenly
  •     Now
  •     Announcing
  •     Introducing
  •     Improvement
  •     Amazing
  •     Sensational
  •     Remarkable
  •     Revolutionary
  •     Startling
  •     Miracle
  •     Magic
  •     Offer
  •     Quick
  •     Easy
  •     Wanted
  •     Challenge
  •     Compare
  •     Bargain
  •     Hurry

3 words to encourage

  •     Join
  •     Become a member
  •     Come along

10 cause-and-effect words and phrases
  •     Accordingly
  •     As a result
  •     Because
  •     Caused by
  •     Consequently
  •     Due to
  •     For this reason
  •     Since
  •     Therefore
  •     Thus

12 phrases for exclusivity
  •     Members only
  •     Login required
  •     Class full
  •     Membership now closed
  •     Ask for an invitation
  •     Apply to be one of our beta testers
  •     Exclusive offers
  •     Become an insider
  •     Be one of the few
  •     Get it before everybody else
  •     Be the first to hear about it
  •     Only available to subscribers

9 phrases for scarcity
  •     Limited offer
  •     Supplies running out
  •     Get them while they last
  •     Sale ends soon
  •     Today only
  •     Only 10 available
  •     Only 3 left
  •     Only available here
  •     Double the offer in the next hour only

28 words and phrases that make you feel safe
  •     Anonymous
  •     Authentic
  •     Backed
  •     Best-selling
  •     Cancel Anytime
  •     Certified
  •     Endorsed
  •     Guaranteed
  •     Ironclad
  •     Lifetime
  •     Money back
  •     No Obligation
  •     No Questions Asked
  •     No Risk
  •     No Strings Attached
  •     Official
  •     Privacy
  •     Protected
  •     Proven
  •     Recession-proof
  •     Refund
  •     Research
  •     Results
  •     Secure
  •     Tested
  •     Try before You Buy
  •     Verify
  •     Unconditional

48 words for power
  •     Improve
  •     Trust
  •     Immediately
  •     Discover
  •     Profit
  •     Learn
  •     Know
  •     Understand
  •     Powerful
  •     Best
  •     Win
  •     Hot Special
  •     More
  •     Bonus
  •     Exclusive
  •     Extra
  •     You
  •     Free
  •     Health
  •     Guarantee
  •     New
  •     Proven
  •     Safety
  •     Money
  •     Now
  •     Today
  •     Results
  •     Protect
  •     Help
  •     Easy
  •     Amazing
  •     Latest
  •     Extraordinary
  •     How to
  •     Worst
  •     Ultimate
  •     Hot
  •     First
  •     Big
  •     Anniversary
  •     Premiere
  •     Basic
  •     Complete
  •     Save
  •     Plus!
  •     Create

9 words for sharing Intel

  •     Secret
  •     Tell us
  •     Inspires
  •     Take
  •     Help
  •     Promote
  •     Increase
  •     Create
  •     Discover

Best words to share on social media:

  • Help
  • Post
  • How to 
  • Great 
  • Retweet 
  • Top
  • Please
  • Media
  • Blog
  • Twitter
  • Social media
  • Social
  • Media
  • 10
  • Free
  • Follow
  • New blog post
  • Check out
  • You

  • Post
  • Would
  • Take
  • Submit
  • When
  • Amuses
  • Should
  • Tell us
  • Deals
  • Comment
  • Discount
  • Where
  • Inspires
  • Warns
Google +:
  • Share
  • Promote
  • Increase
  • Create
  • Discover
If you want to stand out use these:
Created, Increased, Reduced, Improved, Developed, Researched, Accomplished
Won, On time, Under Budget

If you want to stand out avoid these:
Responsible, Strategic, Creative, Effective, Patient, Expert, Organizational, Drive
Innovative, Analytical.

Avoid these: Contest, Promotion, Sweepstakes, Coupon
Use these: Winner, Win, Winning, Events

So there you have it, get to work and write an amazing content to keep your audience engaged. A great way to get better at writing is to see your competitors first, write words down and create a plan before you start writing. Stay up to date with current trends and events this helps you to gain the readers attention. If copy-writing is not your thing you can always hire someone to do it and send them this list saying that you want to use these words click the banner below.


(Source: https://blog.bufferapp.com/words-and-phrases-that-convert-ultimate-list)

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5 Reasons Why LATER Is The Best Instagram Marketing Tool

Instagram can be challenging for marketers with so many tools available its hard to pick the right tool based on what we need because these tools do basically all the same thing. So we decided to test the Buffer, Later, Hootsuite, SproutSocial and Sendible.

After testing these 5 different Instagram tools we came to the conclusion that LATER is the best Instagram marketing tool for anyone who wants to manage and grow their profiles, here is why:

Simple and Easy To Use
Later is a simple social media management software that is easy to use. You can manage your instagram, facebook, pinterest and twitter accounts all in one place. Sign up with one click with your social media accounts or create an account with your email. You can add 1 or up to 5 accounts depending on the plan you choose to check the options click here. Plan & set up your posts from your computer and get notified on your mobile to post your content at the scheduled time.

Scheduling Content
Visually plan and schedule post across your social media platforms with an easy drag and drop option. You can also save time by uploading in bulk, optimize your workflow with the integrated media library where you can upload content from your computer, drive or dropbox. Easily organize your content/media with labels to later find it so you can post it.

Measuring performance
Analyze your growth over time with Later analytics see how many followers you have and gained over a certain period of time. Analytics let you track and optimize post performance by tracking likes, comments, and clicks. Later also offers a unique option that lets people buy straight from your feed which is called linkin.bio. It makes your Instagram feed instantly shoppable. You can also measure the performance of your shoppable feeds and optimize them if needed. Linkin.bio is only available on certain paid plans.

One of the great things I loved about LATER is that you can use the software for free while you grow your profiles. They offer a free forever plan that lets you schedule 30 photo posts for one profile per month which is enough to grow your profiles until you can afford the paid options. Paid options start at 9$/month to $49/month for unlimited posts for 5 social profiles.

Search & Reposting
Finding curated content directly on LATER it is easy with the visual search tool. You can search for content by users, hashtags or likes. It also has a chrome extension which you can search for curated content from around the web. You can then optimize the content and repost it on your profile with a simple click. Obviously do not repost any illegal or copyrighted content make sure to have the owners or authors consent to post their media.

Later is used by 1 000 000 of the world's top brands, agencies and influencers for a reason because it is easy to use and it delivers results. The only down side is that it doesn't automatically post for you, because Instagram doesn't allow auto-posting. No marketing software posts automatically on Instagram due to its policy. This is very popular tool used by many bloggers, businesses and entrepreneurs.

So, what are you waiting for?
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Top 10 Deal Sites

A you have a great website that sells amazing products? But you have low traffic resulting in no sales? Well one of the best ways to promote your website is to feature one or more items on Deal sites. Groupon has over 115million registered members anything that is featured on Groupon is sure to sell out! With the success of groupon came along more deal sites. Here is a list of the top 10 deal sites worth featuring your items on.

Top 10 deal sites:


If you want to submit an item to these websites, the best way is to contact them directly by phone or by email you will get a faster response.
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