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Powerful Words For Email Marketing Or Sales Letter

Here are some of most powerful words add these to your email or sales writing and become a better writer.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. It's effective, but don't over use it.

Agony, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Assault, Backlash, Beating, Beware, Blinded, Blood, Bloodbath, Bloodcurdling, Bloody, Bomb, Buffoon, Bumbling, Cadaver, Catastrophe, Caution, Collapse, Corpse, Crazy, Cripple, Crisis, Danger, Deadly, Death, Destroy, Devastating, Disastrous, Drowning, Dumb, Embarrass, Fail, Feeble, Fired, Fool, Fooled, Frantic, Frightening, Gambling, Gullible, Hack, Hazardous, Hoax, Holocaust, Horrific, Hurricane, Insidious, Invasion, IRS, Jail, Jeopardy, Lawsuit, Looming, Lunatic, Lurking, Meltdown, Mired, Mistake, Murder, Nightmare, Painful, Pale, Panic, Peril, Piranha, Pitfall, Plague, Played, Plummet, Plunge, Poison, Pummel, Poor, Prison, Pus, Reckoning, Refugee, Revenge, Risky, Scary, Scream, Searing, Shatter, Shellacking, Silly, Slaughter, Slave, Smash, Strangle, Stupid, Suck, Tailspin, Tank, Targeted, Teetering, Terror, Terrorist, Toxic, Trap, Vaporize, Victim, Volatile, Vulnerable, Warning, Worry, Wounded.

Many people read with low energy, use these words to wake them up and make them feel better.

Amazing, Audacity, Backbone, Belief, Blissful, Bravery, Breathtaking, Cheer, Conquer, Courage, Daring, Remarkable, Epic, Bold, Super-human, Vanquish, Awe-inspiring, Legendary, Enchant, Daring, Defiance, Delight, Devoted, Excited, Eye-opening, Faith, Fearless, Fulfill, Grateful, Grit, Guts, Happy, Heart, Hero, Hope, Jaw-dropping, Jubilant, Magic, Mind-blowing, Miracle, Pluck, Pluck, Sensational, Spectacular, Spine, Spirit, Staggering, Stunning, Surprising, Triumph, Uplifting, Valor, Victory, Wonderful, Wondrous.

Lust is one of the core human emotions, and it works for making almost anything more intriguing.

Brazen, Crave, Depraved, Dirty, Exposed, Forbidden, Tease, Mischievous, Flirt, Wild, Passionate, Desire, Urge, Promiscuous, Hypnotic, Lascivious, Lick, Lonely, Lust, Naked, Naughty, Provocative, Scandalous, Sensual, Sex, Shameless, Sinful,Sleazy, Sleeping, Spank, Steamy, Sweaty, Tantalizing, Tawdry, Thrilling, Uncensored, Wanton, Whip.

Sometimes, for a good cause, your job as a writer is to anger people. These words will help fan the flames.

Abuse, Arrogant, Ass kicking, Backstabbing, Beat down, Bullshit, Bully, Coward, Hostile, Corrupt, Morally, Bankrupt, Thug, Greedy, Sneaky, Brutal, Exploit, Crooked, Crush, Disgusting, Evil, Force-fed, Foul, Hate, Know it all, Lies, Loathsome, Loser, Lying, Maul, Moneygrubbing, Nazi, No Good, Obnoxious, Payback, Pound, Preposterous, Punish, Revolting, Ruthless, Sick and Tired, Smug, Sniveling, Snob, Snooty, Snotty, Stuck up, Underhanded.

Almost everyone is interested in making or saving money. Use these words to get those "greed glands" firing.

Bargain, Best, Billion, Bonanza, Cash, Cheap, Discount, Dollar, Instantly, Economical, Price, Break, Bonus, Monetize, Up-sell, Value, Giveaway, Double, Explode, Extra, Feast, Fortune, Free, Freebie, Frenzy, Frugal, Gift, Greatest, Inexpensive, Jackpot, Luxurious, Marked down, Massive, Money, Nest egg, Pay zero, Prize, Profit, Quadruple, Reduced, Rich, Savings, Six-figure, Skyrocket, Soaring, Surge, Treasure, Triple, Whopping.

You need people to trust you to buy your product or service. Use these words to help your readers feel safe.

Anonymous, Authentic, Backed, Best-selling, Cancel Anytime, Certified, Approved, Well Respected, Case-study, Reliable, Accredited, Recognized, Fully Refundable, Track Record, Endorsed, Guaranteed, Ironclad, Lifetime, Money back, No Obligation, No Questions Asked, No Risk, No Strings Attached, Official, Privacy, Protected, Proven, Recession-proof Refund, Research, Results, Secure, Tested, Try before You Buy,Verify, Unconditional.

We're all fascinated by the mysterious and forbidden. Use these words to spark curiosity and intrigue.

Backdoor, Banned, Behind the Scenes, Black Market, Blacklisted, Bootleg, Underground, Priceless, Unheard, of Little-known, Trade, Secret, Illusive, Classified, Restricted, Censored, Concealed, Confessions, Confidential, Controversial,Covert, Lost, Off-limits, Outlawed, Private, Secrets, Smuggled, Strange, Unauthorized, Withheld, Cover-up, Forbidden, Forgotten, Hidden, Illegal, Insider.
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