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Affiliate Networks

What is an Affiliate network?

An affiliate network is a company that works as middle man between the merchant affiliate programs and the potential affiliates. The affiliate network helps to connect merchant affiliate programs and potential affiliates, and vice-versa. This helps affiliates find appropriate affiliate programs more easily. It also helps the merchant reach a larger audience by promoting their affiliate programs.

Here are the Top advertising networks by categories:

Top 5 Affiliate Networks That Convert:
www.affiliaxe.com - Wide variety of offers to promote great potential
www.peerfly.com - Huge affiliate list to promote your website, also has great offers
www.clickbooth.com - CPA is their forte, exclusive deals, hard to get in
www.maxbounty.com - Biggest CPA network, massive list of affiliates
www.jvzoo.com - The BEST if you have a digital product for sale

Top 5 By Niche:
www.markethealth.com - Health and beauty products
www.crakrevenue.com - Fastest growing Adult offers affiliate
www.clickbank.com - Worlds #1 affiliate for digital offers
www.boaelite.com - Best Binary Options (Super hot right now)
www.mobvista.com - Only mobile offers

Top 5 Big Players:
www.cj.com - One of the biggest affiliate companies by Conversant
www.linkshare.com - It is one of the world's leading networks in its class, Company By Rakuten
www.amazon.com -Webs most popular and most successful affiliate program
www.ebay.com -
Large affiliate network
www.avantlink.com -
High Quality merchants only

Online Marketing Terms You Should Know:
Advertising Network, Affiliate Network, CPA, CPC, EPC, CPM, Backlinks, CTR and much more