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Get Traffic

Getting traffic is the key to generate income for your online website business.
There are many ways of getting traffic, here we will show you free and paid tricks to generate traffic to your website or blog.

First off if your domain name or website is relatively new we suggest that you start by increasing your traffic with Geo targeted visits go to www.maxvisits.com and buy about 50 000 to 100 000 visits monthly make sure to choose your target audience and choose between pop-unders, website visits and mobile traffic. divided the traffic in those 3 categories and set it to 30 days. Do this for 3 months.

Why do this? Your website is brand new so there is no traffic yet going trough.
This technique will help your website get noticed faster and get higher ranking with search engines.

Second you will need to be present on social media, this will aslo help your search engine ranking your next step is to set up campaign with www.crorkservice.com and choose the complete social & SEO package.

Third you will want advertise in high volume websites so go to www.clixsense.com set up for an account and create a campaign and buy some clicks or visits... Do this for www.neobux.com and www.paidverts.com also..

This might cost a little but you will start seeing organic traffic and the search engines will notice you.

Lets Recap:
  1. Sign up to www.maxvisits.com
  2. Buy about 100 000 visits each month divide the traffic in the 3 categories
  3. Repeat for 3 months
  4. Sign up to www.crorkservice.com
  5. Get their complete SEO & Social package
  6. Sign up to www.clixsense.com, www.neobux.com, www.paidverts.com
  7. Buy clicks and views create campaign for your website.
  8. Do this for 3 months also

Your website will now start getting traffic this will boost your alexa and search engine rankings, continue to buy traffic slowly after that from www.maxvisits.com to keep your website up there.

As soon as that is done you will be ready to advertise in Ad Networks.
(reason why you have to do those steps; is that some ad networks don't accept new websites or websites with low traffic)

We highly suggest that you do the above to it will help boost your website rankings faster, but if you don't want to invest money there are other options but might take a longer time to get your website out there...

Here are some Free ways to generate traffic:
  • Create interesting or informative YouTube videos, post your link in video description
  • Update your website regularly
  • Connect your website to your twitter, Facebook and other social media (Social Media List)
  • Create back links (Post your url in blogs or forums giving testimonials or information)
  • Offer a Free product or service that you can provide to attract users
  • Create viral content share it on different social media platforms (Social Media List)
  •  Do some offline promo (business cards, flyers, word of mouth and so on)
  • Put your website URL in your email or forum signature
  • Make sure your website has the right meta description and meta keywords
  • Define your audience so you know where to promote your website.
  • Submit your URL to directories
  • Only use and post premium content on your website.
  • Use Tumblr and pinterest (post pictures linking to your website)
  • Post articles around the internet linking to your website (Article Directories)
  • DO NOT SPAM (Very important or you will be banned from search engines)

These are free and cheap paid ways to generate good traffic,
To generate premium traffic visit our Ad Network section...