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Top 10 Most Powerful Words In Advertising

Are you in the process of writing your new ad campaign but don't know what words to use? Or simply want to get the most attention possible on your ads. Well you came to the right spot there are 10 words that you should include in your ads to gain the maximum of your customers attention. In this list we did not include the words free, save, best and easy for the simple reason that customers tend to pay less attention to it because we see them everywhere but if you use them correctly in a good campaign they can also be powerful, so here is the top 10 most powerful words in advertising. 


10. Now & Instant
We live in a era where time matters most and instant gratification is important to people such as fast shipping, act now, call now and immediate download of multimedia such as games, movies or music.

9. New
People are always looking for the best new thing, everyone wants to put their hands on the brand new smartphone, new car, new shoes and everyone is willing to pay for it.

8. Love & Sex 
The power of love has 2 meanings here either someone can fall in love with a piece of fashion but no one will fall in love with a bath towel (you can like the way it feels or how soft it is but you won't love it) as oppose to the fashion piece that you will put on special occasions and take really good care of it. You have to be careful how you use the word. Related to love is sex, obviously sex always sells in any form. There is a reason why all big name magazines always use these 2 words on the front page, because it sells!

7. Discover 
This word brings a sense of excitement and adventure, you can used it to bring back a childhood memory or to introduce something new to the market that is worth someones time to try it.

6. Safe 
Everyone wants to feel safe, and if someone is spending money on your product they want to make sure that not only the product/service is safe but also that their investment is safe. Be careful when using this word example don't use in consumable products such as "This salad is 100% safe to eat" what? why wouldn't it be? A good example would be a product designed for safety such as baby products "This car seat is 100% safe and received the highest rating for safety". See the difference?

5. Heath
This word is powerful because everyone wants to be healthy and when someone sees the word they automatically stop and get more information about it. Now the word can be used in different products such as "Are your finances in good health?" see right there I made you think. But again don't abuse of this word and it does not work for everything you can't turn something negative to positive. Example "Try these healthy donuts!" there is no such thing as healthy donuts!

4. Guarantee 
Using this word is a way to remove any doubt, simply check how many times you say this word in a day, its just like a promise that you give to someone. In advertising a guarantee is what the company gives to the customer by putting their reputation on the line. Just think about it would you rather buy something with some sort of guarantee or without any guarantee? But only use this if you back up your guarantee or have credibility for it.

3. Results
The word result means that you have achieved something successfully. It is used as a promise that helps you rationalize the purchase. We all want results from anything we buy, I mean that is why we bought the product/service in the first place. Because you had a problem and the product/service purchased will give you the solution to your problem which is the result.

2. Proven 
This word is mostly used when introducing a new product/service to the market since the customer is dealing with the unknown this word proves that the customer will get the results that they are searching for. Do not use this word if you can't back it up, example "Here is the proven formula of making money online" when you have no proof of earnings. Provide proof and you will win big with this one.

1. You
This is the most powerful word ever simply because it is personal. When we start to talk about you this is when we get your attention. Using you is like we are talking to you personally you tend to pay more attention to the ad. So you is definitely something that YOU should always consider using in advertising.

Those are the top 10 most powerful words in advertising hopefully it helps you write your next ad or even your next sales letter. Always keep in mind to check the positive and negative variations of the word in the phrase because some words can do both so be careful. If you are not sure then you can hire a freelance writer click here I offer you $5 off on your next purchase.