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Powerful Words And Phrases That Convert On Social Media

Writing a sales script or a video script can be challenging at times not knowing where to start or how to keep your audience engaged.

Here is a list of words to include in your script or sales letter these words are optimized for social media platforms.

The 5 most persuasive words in the English language
  •     You
  •     Free
  •     Because
  •     Instantly
  •     New

The 20 most influential words
  •     Suddenly
  •     Now
  •     Announcing
  •     Introducing
  •     Improvement
  •     Amazing
  •     Sensational
  •     Remarkable
  •     Revolutionary
  •     Startling
  •     Miracle
  •     Magic
  •     Offer
  •     Quick
  •     Easy
  •     Wanted
  •     Challenge
  •     Compare
  •     Bargain
  •     Hurry

3 words to encourage

  •     Join
  •     Become a member
  •     Come along

10 cause-and-effect words and phrases
  •     Accordingly
  •     As a result
  •     Because
  •     Caused by
  •     Consequently
  •     Due to
  •     For this reason
  •     Since
  •     Therefore
  •     Thus

12 phrases for exclusivity
  •     Members only
  •     Login required
  •     Class full
  •     Membership now closed
  •     Ask for an invitation
  •     Apply to be one of our beta testers
  •     Exclusive offers
  •     Become an insider
  •     Be one of the few
  •     Get it before everybody else
  •     Be the first to hear about it
  •     Only available to subscribers

9 phrases for scarcity
  •     Limited offer
  •     Supplies running out
  •     Get them while they last
  •     Sale ends soon
  •     Today only
  •     Only 10 available
  •     Only 3 left
  •     Only available here
  •     Double the offer in the next hour only

28 words and phrases that make you feel safe
  •     Anonymous
  •     Authentic
  •     Backed
  •     Best-selling
  •     Cancel Anytime
  •     Certified
  •     Endorsed
  •     Guaranteed
  •     Ironclad
  •     Lifetime
  •     Money back
  •     No Obligation
  •     No Questions Asked
  •     No Risk
  •     No Strings Attached
  •     Official
  •     Privacy
  •     Protected
  •     Proven
  •     Recession-proof
  •     Refund
  •     Research
  •     Results
  •     Secure
  •     Tested
  •     Try before You Buy
  •     Verify
  •     Unconditional

48 words for power
  •     Improve
  •     Trust
  •     Immediately
  •     Discover
  •     Profit
  •     Learn
  •     Know
  •     Understand
  •     Powerful
  •     Best
  •     Win
  •     Hot Special
  •     More
  •     Bonus
  •     Exclusive
  •     Extra
  •     You
  •     Free
  •     Health
  •     Guarantee
  •     New
  •     Proven
  •     Safety
  •     Money
  •     Now
  •     Today
  •     Results
  •     Protect
  •     Help
  •     Easy
  •     Amazing
  •     Latest
  •     Extraordinary
  •     How to
  •     Worst
  •     Ultimate
  •     Hot
  •     First
  •     Big
  •     Anniversary
  •     Premiere
  •     Basic
  •     Complete
  •     Save
  •     Plus!
  •     Create

9 words for sharing Intel

  •     Secret
  •     Tell us
  •     Inspires
  •     Take
  •     Help
  •     Promote
  •     Increase
  •     Create
  •     Discover

Best words to share on social media:

  • Help
  • Post
  • How to 
  • Great 
  • Retweet 
  • Top
  • Please
  • Media
  • Blog
  • Twitter
  • Social media
  • Social
  • Media
  • 10
  • Free
  • Follow
  • New blog post
  • Check out
  • You

  • Post
  • Would
  • Take
  • Submit
  • When
  • Amuses
  • Should
  • Tell us
  • Deals
  • Comment
  • Discount
  • Where
  • Inspires
  • Warns
Google +:
  • Share
  • Promote
  • Increase
  • Create
  • Discover
If you want to stand out use these:
Created, Increased, Reduced, Improved, Developed, Researched, Accomplished
Won, On time, Under Budget

If you want to stand out avoid these:
Responsible, Strategic, Creative, Effective, Patient, Expert, Organizational, Drive
Innovative, Analytical.

Avoid these: Contest, Promotion, Sweepstakes, Coupon
Use these: Winner, Win, Winning, Events

So there you have it, get to work and write an amazing content to keep your audience engaged. A great way to get better at writing is to see your competitors first, write words down and create a plan before you start writing. Stay up to date with current trends and events this helps you to gain the readers attention. If copy-writing is not your thing you can always hire someone to do it and send them this list saying that you want to use these words click the banner below.


(Source: https://blog.bufferapp.com/words-and-phrases-that-convert-ultimate-list)

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5 Reasons Why LATER Is The Best Instagram Marketing Tool

Instagram can be challenging for marketers with so many tools available its hard to pick the right tool based on what we need because these tools do basically all the same thing. So we decided to test the Buffer, Later, Hootsuite, SproutSocial and Sendible.

After testing these 5 different Instagram tools we came to the conclusion that LATER is the best Instagram marketing tool for anyone who wants to manage and grow their profiles, here is why:

Simple and Easy To Use
Later is a simple social media management software that is easy to use. You can manage your instagram, facebook, pinterest and twitter accounts all in one place. Sign up with one click with your social media accounts or create an account with your email. You can add 1 or up to 5 accounts depending on the plan you choose to check the options click here. Plan & set up your posts from your computer and get notified on your mobile to post your content at the scheduled time.

Scheduling Content
Visually plan and schedule post across your social media platforms with an easy drag and drop option. You can also save time by uploading in bulk, optimize your workflow with the integrated media library where you can upload content from your computer, drive or dropbox. Easily organize your content/media with labels to later find it so you can post it.

Measuring performance
Analyze your growth over time with Later analytics see how many followers you have and gained over a certain period of time. Analytics let you track and optimize post performance by tracking likes, comments, and clicks. Later also offers a unique option that lets people buy straight from your feed which is called linkin.bio. It makes your Instagram feed instantly shoppable. You can also measure the performance of your shoppable feeds and optimize them if needed. Linkin.bio is only available on certain paid plans.

One of the great things I loved about LATER is that you can use the software for free while you grow your profiles. They offer a free forever plan that lets you schedule 30 photo posts for one profile per month which is enough to grow your profiles until you can afford the paid options. Paid options start at 9$/month to $49/month for unlimited posts for 5 social profiles.

Search & Reposting
Finding curated content directly on LATER it is easy with the visual search tool. You can search for content by users, hashtags or likes. It also has a chrome extension which you can search for curated content from around the web. You can then optimize the content and repost it on your profile with a simple click. Obviously do not repost any illegal or copyrighted content make sure to have the owners or authors consent to post their media.

Later is used by 1 000 000 of the world's top brands, agencies and influencers for a reason because it is easy to use and it delivers results. The only down side is that it doesn't automatically post for you, because Instagram doesn't allow auto-posting. No marketing software posts automatically on Instagram due to its policy. This is very popular tool used by many bloggers, businesses and entrepreneurs.

So, what are you waiting for?
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Top 10 Deal Sites

A you have a great website that sells amazing products? But you have low traffic resulting in no sales? Well one of the best ways to promote your website is to feature one or more items on Deal sites. Groupon has over 115million registered members anything that is featured on Groupon is sure to sell out! With the success of groupon came along more deal sites. Here is a list of the top 10 deal sites worth featuring your items on.

Top 10 deal sites:


If you want to submit an item to these websites, the best way is to contact them directly by phone or by email you will get a faster response.
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Over 100 Gig Ideas To Sell On Fiverr

Here are some gig ideas to get you started on fiverr, first think about your interests and what are you good at. If you are good at photography and editing pictures then should should work with photoshop create some gigs about photos or graphic designs. Below are over 100 gigs that sell well on fiverr choose different gigs that you can do and list them on your profile.

Graphic Design
  • 3D Book Mockup
  • T-Shirt Mockup
  • Product/Packaging Mockup
  • Website Mockup
  • App Mockup
  • CD/Album Cover Mockup
  • Logo Design
  • App Icon
  • FB Timeline Cover Photos
  • Ad Banners
  • Favicons
  • Photo Touchup/Red Eye Removal
  • Simpsons/South Park Character
  • Edit Photos/Graphics
  • Turn Photos Into Digital Paintings
  • Turn Image Into ASCII Art
  • Turn Image Into Mosaic
  • Avatar Image
  • Image With Quotes 
Web Design
  • Customize HTML Web Template
  • Transfer Website
  • Fix HTML Problem
  • Design Front End Or Back End Website

  • Write/Spin Articles
  • Edit Articles
  • Book Reviews
  • App Reviews
  • Listing/Directory Reviews
  • Press Release Writing/Press Release Submission
  • Write Sales Copy/Headlines/Taglines
  • Comments On Blogs/Videos/Social Media
  • Indiegogo Campaign
  • Transcribe Audio/Video
  • Write “About Us” Page
  • Write “Terms And Conditions” and “Privacy Policy”
  • Write Resume Or Cover Letter
  • Critique Resume
  • Translation Services
  • Article Submission
  • Email Writing
  • Ad Writing
  • Fiverr Gig Description
  • Product Listing Description
  • Write eBook
  • Contest Rules Writing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Domain Research
  • Niche Research
  • Backlinks
  • Send Traffic To Website
  • Submit Businesses To Listings
Social Media
  • Tweet Messages To Followers
  • Social Signals
  • Twitter Followers
  • Facebook Likes
  • YouTube Views/Likes/Subs
  • Vine Followers/Revines
  • Instagram Likes/Followers
  • Pinterest Followers/Repins
  • Create Facebook Fanpage/Page For Business
  • Setup Social Media, Create YouTube Channel
  • Manage Social Media
  • Share Links/Promos To Twitter/Facebook Followers/All Social Media
  • Create And Sell Accounts
  • Video Testimonials/Spokesperson/Review
  • Product Testimonials
  • 5-Minute Video Critiques
  • Whiteboard Animations
  • Edit Video/Add Music/Graphics
  • Convert Audio/Video Files To Other Formats
  • Create Video For Vine
  • Create infomercial
  • Voiceovers
  • Use Pets For Videos/Pictures
  • Take Picture Holding Sign/Message/Logo
  • Logo Advertising On Body/Hand/Car/Creative Way
  • Spell Out Name/Logo In Rice/Alphabet Soup/Other
  • Sing Happy Birthday
  • Help Brainstorm Company Names/Slogans
Virtual Assistant
  • Give Advice
  • Do Research
  • Research Amazon Keywords/Niches For Writers On Kindle
  • Teach Lessons/Language
  • Test/Do QA For Apps/Software
  • Virtual/Remote Computer Repair/Cleaning Service
  • Virtual/Remote Virus/Malware Removal
  • Post Ads To Craigslist/Kijiji
  • Submit Free Ebooks Promo To Websites
Digital Products/Downloads
  • Graphics Package
  • Software
  • Proxies Lists
  • PLR Articles
  • PLR Books
  • Write Your Own Books
  • Exercise Plans
  • Diets
  • Recipes
  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Repair Guides/Manuals
  • Ideas For Businesses/Campaigns For Specific Niches
  • Resume/Cover Letter Templates
  • Leads
  • Business Strategy
  • Site Lists
  • Tutorials
  • Critique Websites
  • Facebook Wall Posts / Relationship Statuses
  • Give DropBox Space Using Buyer’s Referral Links
  • Create/Convert To PDF
  • Sell Coupons
  • Convert Any Files To Any Files

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Powerful Words For Email Marketing Or Sales Letter

Here are some of most powerful words add these to your email or sales writing and become a better writer.

Fear is one of the most powerful emotions. It's effective, but don't over use it.

Agony, Apocalypse, Armageddon, Assault, Backlash, Beating, Beware, Blinded, Blood, Bloodbath, Bloodcurdling, Bloody, Bomb, Buffoon, Bumbling, Cadaver, Catastrophe, Caution, Collapse, Corpse, Crazy, Cripple, Crisis, Danger, Deadly, Death, Destroy, Devastating, Disastrous, Drowning, Dumb, Embarrass, Fail, Feeble, Fired, Fool, Fooled, Frantic, Frightening, Gambling, Gullible, Hack, Hazardous, Hoax, Holocaust, Horrific, Hurricane, Insidious, Invasion, IRS, Jail, Jeopardy, Lawsuit, Looming, Lunatic, Lurking, Meltdown, Mired, Mistake, Murder, Nightmare, Painful, Pale, Panic, Peril, Piranha, Pitfall, Plague, Played, Plummet, Plunge, Poison, Pummel, Poor, Prison, Pus, Reckoning, Refugee, Revenge, Risky, Scary, Scream, Searing, Shatter, Shellacking, Silly, Slaughter, Slave, Smash, Strangle, Stupid, Suck, Tailspin, Tank, Targeted, Teetering, Terror, Terrorist, Toxic, Trap, Vaporize, Victim, Volatile, Vulnerable, Warning, Worry, Wounded.

Many people read with low energy, use these words to wake them up and make them feel better.

Amazing, Audacity, Backbone, Belief, Blissful, Bravery, Breathtaking, Cheer, Conquer, Courage, Daring, Remarkable, Epic, Bold, Super-human, Vanquish, Awe-inspiring, Legendary, Enchant, Daring, Defiance, Delight, Devoted, Excited, Eye-opening, Faith, Fearless, Fulfill, Grateful, Grit, Guts, Happy, Heart, Hero, Hope, Jaw-dropping, Jubilant, Magic, Mind-blowing, Miracle, Pluck, Pluck, Sensational, Spectacular, Spine, Spirit, Staggering, Stunning, Surprising, Triumph, Uplifting, Valor, Victory, Wonderful, Wondrous.

Lust is one of the core human emotions, and it works for making almost anything more intriguing.

Brazen, Crave, Depraved, Dirty, Exposed, Forbidden, Tease, Mischievous, Flirt, Wild, Passionate, Desire, Urge, Promiscuous, Hypnotic, Lascivious, Lick, Lonely, Lust, Naked, Naughty, Provocative, Scandalous, Sensual, Sex, Shameless, Sinful,Sleazy, Sleeping, Spank, Steamy, Sweaty, Tantalizing, Tawdry, Thrilling, Uncensored, Wanton, Whip.

Sometimes, for a good cause, your job as a writer is to anger people. These words will help fan the flames.

Abuse, Arrogant, Ass kicking, Backstabbing, Beat down, Bullshit, Bully, Coward, Hostile, Corrupt, Morally, Bankrupt, Thug, Greedy, Sneaky, Brutal, Exploit, Crooked, Crush, Disgusting, Evil, Force-fed, Foul, Hate, Know it all, Lies, Loathsome, Loser, Lying, Maul, Moneygrubbing, Nazi, No Good, Obnoxious, Payback, Pound, Preposterous, Punish, Revolting, Ruthless, Sick and Tired, Smug, Sniveling, Snob, Snooty, Snotty, Stuck up, Underhanded.

Almost everyone is interested in making or saving money. Use these words to get those "greed glands" firing.

Bargain, Best, Billion, Bonanza, Cash, Cheap, Discount, Dollar, Instantly, Economical, Price, Break, Bonus, Monetize, Up-sell, Value, Giveaway, Double, Explode, Extra, Feast, Fortune, Free, Freebie, Frenzy, Frugal, Gift, Greatest, Inexpensive, Jackpot, Luxurious, Marked down, Massive, Money, Nest egg, Pay zero, Prize, Profit, Quadruple, Reduced, Rich, Savings, Six-figure, Skyrocket, Soaring, Surge, Treasure, Triple, Whopping.

You need people to trust you to buy your product or service. Use these words to help your readers feel safe.

Anonymous, Authentic, Backed, Best-selling, Cancel Anytime, Certified, Approved, Well Respected, Case-study, Reliable, Accredited, Recognized, Fully Refundable, Track Record, Endorsed, Guaranteed, Ironclad, Lifetime, Money back, No Obligation, No Questions Asked, No Risk, No Strings Attached, Official, Privacy, Protected, Proven, Recession-proof Refund, Research, Results, Secure, Tested, Try before You Buy,Verify, Unconditional.

We're all fascinated by the mysterious and forbidden. Use these words to spark curiosity and intrigue.

Backdoor, Banned, Behind the Scenes, Black Market, Blacklisted, Bootleg, Underground, Priceless, Unheard, of Little-known, Trade, Secret, Illusive, Classified, Restricted, Censored, Concealed, Confessions, Confidential, Controversial,Covert, Lost, Off-limits, Outlawed, Private, Secrets, Smuggled, Strange, Unauthorized, Withheld, Cover-up, Forbidden, Forgotten, Hidden, Illegal, Insider.
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